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  1. About your article “THE PATH TO WAR”, I not agree at all with you. I am one of your students and you ask us to make comments on your blog, so this is my point of view:
    At the beginning of your article, you are speaking about things that we should do to share more easily our resources or money. But I think that it is too utopian. In each continent you will see country developed differently and continuing to develop themselves at their own pace, and through this you will find different societies with their own politics. The development of mentalities in general is evolving with these elements. Europeans imposed their development to his colonies few centuries ago and as you know it, it is difficult for some countries to follow our pace. And while we are developing our countries, we are becoming more and more selfish. So how could we develop a global generous way of thinking if we are not developing ourselves at the same pace and if selfishness is increasing?
    I don’t know if I can speak about lost cause, but on a global scale it will never happen. It is easier to create an international day of Peace with everyone having the same state of mind, than a life of Peace.

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