Tiredness now comes

No way the clock says Five

Buzzing it around us hums

God know how but I’m alive


Written down dumb, numb

Hope the rhyme strives

What keeps you, come

Stab me now with knives


There is the flower, flames

Wavering in timeless joy

Wishing for the moment’s fame

Being played and left like toys


My hand they hurt but I go on

My heart it hurts but I sing my song.



So write some peoples names on tombs

Etched by blows, sweat and fate

Scribed by craft and women’s wombs

Watched in emptiness by wraiths


Someone loved, now gone away

Loss it burns those who wait

Pain it comes on every day

To those who hope or wish for faith


Since the end for everyone

Is to lie in stony ground

See the light, have some fun

Or push up daisies in a mound


This is life that leads us all

Frosty tombs in which we fall