Twitter feed

This week’s seen a death toll of the rich and famous as the Grim Reaper works off his holiday hangover by taking it out on the rich, famous and seeing off some famous stars from rock n roll, acting and generally having a really good time killing off people’s heros.

Of course, twitter goes crazy, with tweets a plenty. The first thing is the pathos of the situation, when we feel touched by the death of someone we admired, or someone who was our hero, or just someone we’d seen on TV or just admired generally.Or even people you’ve never heard off pop up in the feed and you wonder “who he?” (””)


So I post “oh no, so and so died” and other friend chips in. A collective virtual wake.We hug and comfort each other,  wallow in the past about how we had a crush on him or her, or were always a fan.

Just before all this, strange things circulate, feeds about Norman Wisdom’s death (he died years ago) and then everyone jumps on the fake death bandwagon, and I get a feeds about the death of Malcolm Mclaren , also someone dead for years. Then even more strangely (or not, my sense of humour is “weird ” even by British standards), I jump in with a feed about the death of Mitterand, as a joke on these feeds.

Then I’m tempted to look at the twitter feeds of those famous friends of the recently departed star to see there reaction, as if loss must be cried to all. Lets see what Mick J thinks, (or whoever) about the death of David B (or whoever)

We dont deal with loss of loved ones and so it spills over , like with Lady Diana, when everyone went crazy for a week with grief. When several celebrities die at the end or beginning of the year it sparks a frenzy, until a special numbness hits us, a ‘celebrity death fatigue’ and a famous person dies and we shrug our shoulders and go back to whatever we were doing before, because there is no justice, only death.

Then I realise that the reason I get so many feeds is maths. Those algorithmes for death messages are set up to react to a user responding to a death message. The more you reseond, the more you get. The Gemino curse (Hary potter in the vault touches and object and it replicates, the more you touch, the more it replicates) in real life.