Tiredness now comes

No way the clock says Five

Buzzing it around us hums

God know how but I’m alive


Written down dumb, numb

Hope the rhyme strives

What keeps you, come

Stab me now with knives


There is the flower, flames

Wavering in timeless joy

Wishing for the moment’s fame

Being played and left like toys


My hand they hurt but I go on

My heart it hurts but I sing my song.



So write some peoples names on tombs

Etched by blows, sweat and fate

Scribed by craft and women’s wombs

Watched in emptiness by wraiths


Someone loved, now gone away

Loss it burns those who wait

Pain it comes on every day

To those who hope or wish for faith


Since the end for everyone

Is to lie in stony ground

See the light, have some fun

Or push up daisies in a mound


This is life that leads us all

Frosty tombs in which we fall





The guilded door

I’ll go again to the guilded door

Knock and ask for chance to come

Perhaps I’ll make them change the score


Grasp the souls and beg for more

Thinking I’m the only one

To push and pull and scratch the floor


Little hope for fruits and haws

To dance from branches cold and numb

Perhaps I’ll make them change the score


With summer’s dust blown from the floor

Blinding judges strike them dumb

I’ll go again to the guilded door



And knock again this time for sure

The Gods will see what I’ve become

I’ll go again to the guilded door

Perhaps I’ll make them change the score.

Ring of finger, Ring of phone

This girl’s broken heart

Texting on her brand new phone

Going back to the start


Journeys just to be apart

Broken lines, broken bones

This girl’s broken heart


Making love with all her heart

Inside the body moans

Going back to the start


Painted on her heart

Painted on with groans

Going back to the start


Looking at the cards

Looking for the tones

This girl’s broken heart


Shows up, but apart

Texting, hoping to atone

This girl’s broken heart

Going back to the start



Sonnet A

If I were but to lie in hope

And watch the seasons as I lay

Flit beyond the eyes of scope

Watch and see another day


Then the reasons why we strive

Would be forgot and you would say

Grasp the moment you’re alive

Yet hope to see another day


Many folks just sit and stare

Mothballed rotting on their way

Rusting in the mouldy chair

Dusting off I should say


All of us must do the dance

All of us must take the chance




a Villanelle, each line 5 syllables.(sure hope I can count!)

I look to her, where?

Body and mind together

Gone where, away, gone where?

She has gone, not there

Fleeting glance, forever

I look to her, where?

My dreams of her hair

Etched and then never

Gone where, away, gone where?

She lies on sand, bare

Naked, round clever

I look to her, where?

Where we might be fair

And, if I would never

I look to her, where?

But caught in her lair

Holding together

I look to her, where?

Gone where, away, gone where?



Filter on or off

Days walking paths

Wooded lanes



Classes filled

Learners off

Staff in hand, staff



Play to the crowd

Laugh means learn?

Time to pack up the chalk

Written too long in the dust


Wiped clean all  things

Time to remember things

Is time to search on the net

Why study? they say


Intellectual shelves

Gathering dust,books never read

Standing in woods



To stand

Not rest

Say things need to change

Challenge what is


Nod, ride the wave

Cange yourself

Shed skin, shell

Wash over rain


Wash down my face

Salt or tears


Struts hold


Green grass


Faces haunt

From years ago


Pressing keys to make noises


I walk

To you.



Begging to be used

Write your way

Write your life


Write your path

Test then.

See what comes

Old notes from pages


Long lost

Too late to start a life?

Lest we forget

Too long waiting.



Hard to crack

Crack and hide

Flame through the fog


Heal then.

Wave over hands

Things happen because we make them

Gods in the sky laugh


Stop then

Listen to gut

Never wrong

Beyond the tide and time



The cherry now.

Into the woods



Speak your words


Say what you want

Know it.









So long with hate

So tired, its load

Drag it round like fate

Blame the toads


Lie and lay

Light to light too light to dig

Dig my own grave today

See if I still fit


Familiar with its shame

Shame waves over errors

Thank them all for the blame

Never learnt from Terrors.


Dig again

Dig with the pen

A father, son, husband and friend.

Good enough. TEN.


To stand in the light and pass.

Pass. Pass away.

Pass to me. Class.

Let me play


To begin, like sand

Dragged out, by the tide.

Pressed down by land

Become rock, wide


That no waves can hurt?

Worn by time and tide

Eventually to give,

Sand again.



Gone now, passed away

A life given to faith

Memories flit, special days

A face, a family, a taste

Touched your lives and ways

Fought through woods and waste

And love and hope were blazed.

Time flits and leaves in haste

Has gone to somewhere hazed

With memories softly placed

And though our minds are ‘mazed

The truth our lives it traced

Faith to show the way

Faith to face our days.

Sonnet for Autumn

From hedgerow’s roots autumn flits

Firey tongues and berries climb

Seasons start and nearly fit

Among the ivy berries wind

Look through leaves against our wits

Hold onto lives hearts entwined

Clench our teeth, jaws grit

Drink the cup of summer wine

Hold and hope against time

And in the chair a vacuum sits

Where to next,hold the line

How to join those broken bits

Lift our hearts and go again

Truth it lies in dust and dens