Filter on or off

Days walking paths

Wooded lanes



Classes filled

Learners off

Staff in hand, staff



Play to the crowd

Laugh means learn?

Time to pack up the chalk

Written too long in the dust


Wiped clean all  things

Time to remember things

Is time to search on the net

Why study? they say


Intellectual shelves

Gathering dust,books never read

Standing in woods



To stand

Not rest

Say things need to change

Challenge what is


Nod, ride the wave

Cange yourself

Shed skin, shell

Wash over rain


Wash down my face

Salt or tears


Struts hold


Green grass


Faces haunt

From years ago


Pressing keys to make noises


I walk

To you.



Begging to be used

Write your way

Write your life


Write your path

Test then.

See what comes

Old notes from pages


Long lost

Too late to start a life?

Lest we forget

Too long waiting.



Hard to crack

Crack and hide

Flame through the fog


Heal then.

Wave over hands

Things happen because we make them

Gods in the sky laugh


Stop then

Listen to gut

Never wrong

Beyond the tide and time



The cherry now.

Into the woods



Speak your words


Say what you want

Know it.






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