Filter on or off

Days walking paths

Wooded lanes



Classes filled

Learners off

Staff in hand, staff



Play to the crowd

Laugh means learn?

Time to pack up the chalk

Written too long in the dust


Wiped clean all  things

Time to remember things

Is time to search on the net

Why study? they say


Intellectual shelves

Gathering dust,books never read

Standing in woods



To stand

Not rest

Say things need to change

Challenge what is


Nod, ride the wave

Cange yourself

Shed skin, shell

Wash over rain


Wash down my face

Salt or tears


Struts hold


Green grass


Faces haunt

From years ago


Pressing keys to make noises


I walk

To you.



Begging to be used

Write your way

Write your life


Write your path

Test then.

See what comes

Old notes from pages


Long lost

Too late to start a life?

Lest we forget

Too long waiting.



Hard to crack

Crack and hide

Flame through the fog


Heal then.

Wave over hands

Things happen because we make them

Gods in the sky laugh


Stop then

Listen to gut

Never wrong

Beyond the tide and time



The cherry now.

Into the woods



Speak your words


Say what you want

Know it.







2016 has been an interesting year, it’s the year where we’ve seen many celebrity deaths, terror attacks and crazy politics, weather, and as usual, wars, conflicts, flooding and famine.


In celebdeaths, a whole list of stars from music seem to have died. Terror attacks in many places, Paris, Berlin, Tunisia, Turkey just to name a few.Crazy weather, with america frozen over as I type and flooding and droughts. War , in Syria , flooding and famine.

Politically we’ve seen Brexit and Trump, and a move towards a selfishness and a loss of citizenship. Global warming has caused climate immigrants, and added to this, its allowed terrorists to manipulate people.

I’ve also written a piece every month, be it poetry or opinion.


And so I end it with this piece.

2017 sees elections in many European countries and we shall see if the move to the populism seen this year continues. We’ve seen the older voters really change voting, in Brexit , where the older people voted for it and the younger stayed in bed, thinking that it wouldn’t make any difference anyway, older white people vote in trump, and older white people vote in Francois Fillion in France’s right-wing primary.

I teach these young people, who have either never voted, or will never vote, or just are disenfranchised and disengaged. They don’t know who their  politicians are, except on presidential scale. They don’t know who is mayor, or member of parliament, or european member of parliment, or senator, or even perhaps who is in the government.

The world has a choice. But unfortunately, large parts won’t take part, r can’t see the point in taking part.

Political problems now will melt into insignificance faced with the natural disasters to come. This may seem doom and gloom, but I try to be optimistic. Humans will endure, but at a huge cost.

Humans have to try to reel in the power that cooperation have, and to reel in the tax avoidance tactics, and reel in the influence and lobbyists. We can have a much more just world. It can be done. It must be done.

We need to go back to the ethics and morals that were the norm before we all wanted to be richer, faster, the greediest, forgetting to enjoy what we had already.

We move from fad to fad, in the search for satisfaction, but happiness is in our heads, or in our acts, not in the things we buy.

This year I stopped driving my car 100km per day and took the train

I walk more as a result

I wrote more. I feel better!

People are naturally kind, and are only turned towards bad actions by the things that are around them.

In the end, there is just love.