Letting go

Nothing to say
Just ink , spoiling pages
Churning waves in bays
Waiting for this months wages
Slave to grind, Slave for sale
Blocking the direct debits
Last month’s smoke, this month’s joss stick
Tied to a service I didn’t choose
Watching the food go mouldy.
Ball in heart, knot in stomach
Hoping to find a solution
Offers come in for later.
Now we wait,trust
Belief, Believe choose, choice, steal, thief.
Sticky as the keys,thick as thieves
Irregular verbs and lessons
Shaking with fear,or pain,or both
Panic comes.
Breathe. Hold out my hand.
Feel forward in dust
Stars will shine on our ashes
Long dead stars. Wish I must.
Land! Ahoy! Come into land,
Row , don’t strand
Oars turn to rust
Soup the sea
And drink up to trash
Ah ! Where do roads lead?
Frost told us the difference
And summer lanes ,wooded and hooded
Gnarled banks and rootballs bulk
Canopy shielding shading,shining
Green filtered light speckling down
Dust shod feet echo through ages
Pilgrims and poor men
On roads to life
Years later. Finally.
The pen hacks its way through the wood
Digging Heaney’s grave
O’Brien greets us
Under Chestnuts
Wooded lanes to nowhere
Love, late in life
Vote for fools, lies lose,
Oil on the fire
Lost in libraries
Perhaps time moves
Treacle in space
A glass.
Bring me my road
Warts on the toad
Rap and rhyme
Speak to me as I have
Nothing to say.

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