Thoughts on Europe

Europe is at the edge of reason now, reaching forward for should be hoped whilst struggling not to fall into the abyss.

Europe was a great idea, and is worth fighting for, but it needs radical change to survive and it lack the political will and intelligence to do so.

At the moment Europe faces many fronts.

Economic decline, as Asia rises. In the 80’s, 70% of trade was European , now its 30% of world trade.

The rise of national identity, as the extreme right springs up in many countries. Not just that but the extreme left too. Indeed the mainstream has lost its potenty and has failed to answer the urgent poitical issues, or at least the electorate have been told that.

Immigration. Europe’s poster boy free movement ideals just wash up on the shores as people drown in dodgy boats trying to get here. The Syrian conflict has shown Europe as unable to deal with urgent matters and the Geopolitical power of Russia.

Dissolution. Brexit/Grexit threaten now. Even the fact of the brexit referendum means Europe isn’t thinking about the issues or values, but that their eyes are elsewhere.

Invasion. Russia looked and took Ukarane and will look at the Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Nato stood and watched Ukarane and before Georgia and even Cyprus had to be careful. So a not so sleeping bear to deal with.

We need an elected European president, with a European army , navy and airforce. Nato isnt fit for purpose and America isn’t able to prevent collapse. We’ve pumped 800 billion dollars into the economy every month and now look seriously at helicopter money, or cashless society ideas. So we need a new central bank, with central taxes and laws.

If we cant accept this, then it is the END of Europe and all its cronism and gravy train eurocrocy, laws for human rights and employment, protection and prevention.

We don’t need a new empire, we have just got over the last one.


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