How to survive modern life

  1. Noone is better or worse than you, only different, so try to treat everyone with respect despite the inevitable dissapointments they give you and you will give to them.
  2. Harbour patience and love rather than hate anger and revenge. What you think of others is what you think of yourself.
  3. Things in the past can’t be changed, only used to learn from. The past stays happened, we cant change it. Deal with the things at hand, the now.
  4. Things get done because you do them. None will help you until you help yourself.
  5. There is no justice, only death.
  6. Count to ten before you speak in anger.
  7. Things on the internet, TV or radio, newspapers or other media are there, but there isn’t a lot you can do about it. Change yourself first, then others will follow. Take time for causes close to your heart, but take time for your family too.
  8. Work: It is just a job. Noone will remember in 100 years time. Or even in 5. Do your best to please yourself, noone else. If they aren’t happy, that is their problem.
  9. People who complain that they want to do something but never then do that thing, even when given the chance, are just like you. Annoying.
  10. Take time to be with nature. No one has all the answers. Be yourself. love yourself.






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