The end of intellect.

I love freedom, and how its celebrated by democracy. It’s best system we’ve come up for election . But now we see people misusing the internet and social networks for publicity and one of the biggest culprits is Donald Trump.He’s run a presidential campaign that resembles a reality game show.He hasn’t needed to spend the money usually associated with winning presidential elections (yet). Looking at the data, most of the “also rans” spent more than  Donald trump: according to “open secrets” website who tell us “All the numbers on this page are for the 2016 election cycle and based on Federal Election Commission data released electronically on Monday, March 07, 2016.”


Indeed we see so-called” straight talking” politicians springing up in many places round the world, politicians who peaole claim “tell it like it is” but what they really do is spread fear and lies, with no logical or factual basis to what they say. They point the finger at “immigrants” (whoever they are and wherever they come from) which just means they have forgotten we are all humans and that most if not all countries have histories based on immigrants and immigration and tht we all belong to the human race. Indeed, marking “others” with the red seal of “difference” is the politics of the scapegoat and turns its back on humanity.

It forgets that there are no absolute truths, only zones of tolerance. It turns its back on tolerance and promises a future free from fault, without the stains of the past, but it isn’t a future with a responsible vision or the opportunity to grow though admitting mistakes. Jaques Chirac when French President, took responsibility when admitting French state involvement in Nazi Germany atrocities, and France was able to move on, admitting responsibility gives a chance to learn.

These politicians often say things along the lines that immigrants cost us money (in the UK immigrants pay a lot more in tax than they get in benefit and the arrivals are better educated than the native workforce and each migrant to the USA creates a minimum of 1.2 US jobs as we need builders to build houses, electricians, plumbers, teachers, doctors and so on for theses people, they also pay in National Insurance in the UK and help demographic time bombs the likes of which Germany may avoid if it continues to accept immigrants.


Overall immigrants are a very positive addition to the economy.

So those politicians who claim they will send immigrants back (where?) or that they will build a wall ( a political strategy that has never worked , cf Antonine Wall, Great Wall of China, Hadrian’s Wall, Berlin Wall, Israeli west bank barrier…) and make others pay (how?).

Trump has said so many shocking things in this Presidential candidature race. It’s a strategy to get publicity, with the sure knowledge that no publicity is bad publicity. Publicity is only bad if you are ashamed, and Donald Trump has never been ashamed in his life.

The intellectual debate, based on the latest imperfect facts and research, making decisions based on what is good for the country/region/world are no longer possible as a countr government is now effective as big companies and vested interests and lobby groups now pay politicians and pull the strings from shady backgrounds.

War means money for the shareholders in your family ? War it is!

Rumsfield was the president of a company that sold nuclear weapons according to this article in the Guardian newspaper

And George Osborne sold Royal Mail to his cronies as alleged here

Unmasked: The city institutions given privileged status in the controversial Royal Mail flotation

The biggest lie for me was the use of economic cycles to pretend that the welfare state was broken and that it was time to sell what people already owned back to them (well rich people ) so instead of the wealth being shared , it gets concentrated and the economy fails as currency no longer circulates. That is why we now see negative interest rates and 80 BN euros of QI per month (that’s a trillion a year , give or take 40 billion)

Normally printing money creates inflation as he money gets to the real economy, but banks know that the return is a certain 4%  on the markets and an uncertain % or even loss in the real economy, so billions and probably trillions are squirreled away, never to be seen in the real economy. So to persuade banks to loan it, central banks now charge them for saving, but they’ll just pass it on to the customer who’ll put it in their mattresses, and its a race to the bottom. The search for the best price turns its back on quality  assumes that quality is a luxury only the wealthy can afford.

Take education. Both my parents came from working class industrial backgrounds, my mother from a steel working family and my dad from mining . They were taught well at school, encouraged by teachers who knew it was the pit or the library, or the steel mill or the army, encouraged to be professionals, taught latin, greek and not assumed to be stupid. This idealism, the post war idealism has been forgotten.

We lightly forget the novelty of the European project, with countries arguing to leave it for short-term comfort instead of long-term growth. When governments are told to respect human rights and then want to leave the very body that tells them this, you can be sure that the arguments are forgotten in a haze of buzz.

So now we face a very real challenge. We have to fight the ogres of loudness with their soundbites from reality TV with arguments that stand the acid test, that are well researched and accessible, easily understandable and accessible and that wake up the people from their short-term view of the money in their pocket. In 1945 many European (and indeed world) countries said “never again” to the forelock tugging and closed the class war. Rich people are not better than poor because they have more money. This is the same argument as people who are taller thinking they are better than short people. A kind of prejudice that we now need to break.


So it worries me that Donald Trump could well be President of the USA.

Most people who have been president in my life time were/are good men, indeed most of the candidates have been good men/women. But Donald Trump isn’t thinking about “whats good for America”, just whats good for him.

American intellectuals need to burst his balloon. The world needs to share more.


When children die from preventable causes but rich people can burn their money (as is currently the rage in Russia) we have a moral, ethical, economic and cultural problem beyond humanity.


America, indeed the world is in a mess and it would be folly to believe that quick  “solutions ” are possible. Its taken us 40 years since neoliberalism came to light to get this far, it’ll take 40 years at least to get back to stability.



How to survive modern life

  1. Noone is better or worse than you, only different, so try to treat everyone with respect despite the inevitable dissapointments they give you and you will give to them.
  2. Harbour patience and love rather than hate anger and revenge. What you think of others is what you think of yourself.
  3. Things in the past can’t be changed, only used to learn from. The past stays happened, we cant change it. Deal with the things at hand, the now.
  4. Things get done because you do them. None will help you until you help yourself.
  5. There is no justice, only death.
  6. Count to ten before you speak in anger.
  7. Things on the internet, TV or radio, newspapers or other media are there, but there isn’t a lot you can do about it. Change yourself first, then others will follow. Take time for causes close to your heart, but take time for your family too.
  8. Work: It is just a job. Noone will remember in 100 years time. Or even in 5. Do your best to please yourself, noone else. If they aren’t happy, that is their problem.
  9. People who complain that they want to do something but never then do that thing, even when given the chance, are just like you. Annoying.
  10. Take time to be with nature. No one has all the answers. Be yourself. love yourself.






Sonnet for Caroline

In twenty years, the spirits twine
The summer’s fruits and hazy days
And all the hope, just like fine wine
Help us through that lover’s maze
The roll of waves, a roaring tide
The splash of luck upon the rocks
The warmth of hearts, both open wide
And time like hearts both ticks and tocks
But twenty years is just a score
A line to fold our loving hands
Still holding you and wanting more
Naught but a line in golden sand
So raise your hearts to loving days
So raise your hopes in loving gaze.