Irony of history

The 70th anniversary of VE day was marked by the victory of the Conservative party in the UK, with the promise of a vote to stay or to leave Europe. Europe was in ruins 70 years ago, destroyed by war, by dogma, by ignorance, by violence and a lack of open mindedness, a conviction of reason based on nothing, and a politic of scapegoats and intolerance.The Europe of the 1930’s saw the loss of the republicans in Spain and a move to the extreme right in Italy, Germany and Spain, with dictatorships being installed and a loss of democracy. Today we see the same move to the right, with nationalistic parties taking the ground from traditional democratic or republican parties throughout Europe, a search for quick solutions where none exist and a scapegoating of immigrants despite academic proof that they create jobs and opportunities rather than take them.

Social structures such as pensions, health care and education are now threatened, as the rich seek to scapegoat poor, handicapped and immigrant populations as being somehow responsible for the communities wider problems, convinced that if you are somehow unfortunate enough to be in these categories, you are the person responsible for this, as well as pointing the finger at the gravy trains, bureaucracy and mastodon that is the European Union.

People do need to try to work to get out of difficulties, as far as they are able, but they need the support of a welfare state rather than the criticism and blame culture. the Conservatives need to avoid triumphalism, the opposition need to offer real alternatives, a real message, and real visions.

Should the UK vote in a referendum, the result will be to leave, and other countries will follow, the end of Europe. Scotland will leave the UK, and other countries will feel the effects of this decision.

Europe’s current crisis is a political, financial and economic one. Sticks are stronger in a bundle rather than being single.


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