David Wellington’s Fear competition

I recently tried my hand at entering this competition ( see the wonderful web site here http://davidwellingtonsfearproject.com/) and forgot to read the rules carefully enough, as usual getting carried away with the writing. I was out of the rules as I had published a book, and the competition is only open to those who haven’t, but here is my attempt anyway!

Good luck to all those who take part, and I look forward to reading those scary stories!

The pitch to David Wellington

Trickling down his back, shivering, shining in the half light, with a clickty-click, the thief tried to pick the lock on the book. After climbing, walking, scratching his way to the hidden cave, there it was, the ultimate lifelong prize.

Years of research and of searching, reading, looking, hoping to believe and the thief knew the dangers hidden here. The cave of death. A sip of water from the flask, steady shaking hands. Concentrating now, his brow frowning, he faced the last test, opening the book. Only those with a heart truly blackened with adventure would survive.

He’d done all sorts of rituals before, but this one would be the best.

Candle wax dribbled here and there, making its sculptures on the table. The thief paused, gulping in air, hope, and luck. “Pop” and the locket swung open, and he clasped the book, ready to open it. He spoke the words of the curse, and finally opened the book.

He read the first lines, laughing, he’d survived.

Then, roaring, came the owner, hidden in the pages.

“You will be the lock of the book now” said the voice “And doomed to guard a legend from no-one”

The thief screamed. He was turning into metal. Searing up his arms, through his very veins, metal came, and held him in its grasp. He became the lock, bent, clicked onto the book’s spine. A warning for all thieves and adventurers. Even with a blackened heart, if it is not yours, don’t take it.


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