The day After

What now?

well here are some ideas

1) In prisons, we need to get the small time criminals before the jhadists and get them back into society, through jobs in say the army or in elsewhere society.Otherwise Jhadists target them. Nazi Germany started with 3% of people, and ended in war, horror and turmoil. Lets not do the same with jhadists.

2) We need to introduce civic service for all, like national service to teach children the basics. Hello, good morning, please, thanks, and so on.

3) We need to invest in those important area of education, health, schools and police . The police need to be part of the community, the community need to be part of the police

4) Tax avoidance needs to stop; We cant pay for all the things society needs unless everyone is willing to pay their fair share; Take note multinationals and tax avoiders

5) Arms and drugs. Drugs are no longer controlled and arms seem to be going the same way.We need a workable solution, realistic and constructive. Perhaps its time to legalize certain drugs in strict frameworks and stop money going to the mafia and jhadists.Guns need to be controlled, we need to work in the neglected areas.


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