Keeping Freedom

After such terror attacks take away or even attack freedoms, the political temptation is to crack down on everyone. Everyone is a suspect in a crazy witch hunt,echoing the Mcarthyism of the 50’s. After 9/11 the US introduced the Patriot act.Then Snowdon pointed out the US had been snooping everyone in a blaze of paranoia. But the truth is that not anyone will become a terrorist, rather they have a background.

If we consider the recent  terrorists in Europe, we can see some patterns.But care, not everyone in these categories is crazy/terrorist.

1) They often seem to be lost, without a job or a social integrity, often with drug or other petty criminal backgrounds as a result of under-funding and lasser-faire in inner city problem areas and prisons.

2) They are picked up by bad “Immans”(they aren’t really Immans) and brainwashed .

3) They have contacts with other terror individuals through virtual or real networks

4 They don’t surrender, they seek martyr status

5) They target representatives of the state and Jews, and authors or books or cartoons which are either mocking or shocking or both.

6 Their childhood seems to have been broken by divorce or bad parenting or abandonment

Mohammed Merah, Alexandre Dhaussy, Saîd and Chérif Kouachi as well as Amady Coulibaly all seem to fit the profile. Farid Benyettou, a self taught preacher, radicalised the Kouachi brothers and Coulibaly in a matter of months, sending them to Yeman for heavy arms training.

An armed-services adviser to President Hollande, Professor Jean-Pierre Filiu, today said he has identified possible links between the Paris suspects and Islamic State.

He told AFP that a French-Tunisian jihadist Boubaker el-Hakim and member of Islamic State was part of the same “Butte-Chaumont” network in Paris as Cherif Kourachi.

Hakim assassinated two Tunisian politicians in 2013 and he “represents the link between the Kouachi brothers and [Islamic State]”, the professor said.

We need to be vigilant and not naive, but we also need to avoid a police state and closing the door after the horse has left.Knee jerk reactions are not a good idea now.We need to find answers through thought and then action rather than the Sarkozy approach with the Karcher. Giving people guns is a really stupid idea and tarring all Muslims with the same brush is another bad idea.

Countries need to stop giving terrorists reasons to kill.Torture at Guantanamo didn’t help ! However, I’m minded to observe that those wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have left the situation worse now, than before.The Taliban come back, even ruling parts of Helmen Province where so many British troops died.Car bombs go off every week in Iraq. The power vacuum in Libya, Egypt Syria and Tunisia has been filled by very worrying events.The Arab Spring was welcomed, but not just by the West. Extremists took the chance to build Empires too. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi now carries out terror and ethnic cleansing and atrocities in his zone of influence.Like Nazi Germany, we will end up fighting this terror somehow.

Its a dirty war, and we have to fight , even though darkness is never beaten by darkness, even though we believe in love. If we don’t stand and say “stop”  and act now the extremists will never stop.I’m not suggesting we go into these countries and cause more chaos or death, or leave a bigger power vacuum, rather we need to think of what we can do to stop this violence.The Isis or DAESH  or ISIL have no respect for our beliefs, culture, communities, for human life, believing that if you disagree you must die. No. We need to persuade Qatar and Saudi Arabia to stop funding them somehow. We’ve slept too long, and the terrorists have come for us. We need to defend our values with peace and love, not hate, fear and paranoia.We need to protect the state and end austerity, as its leading to under funding in key areas and causing terror through poverty.

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