National unity in France

France hasn’t really understood what happened on Wednesday, or at least some of the politicians haven’t.

its disappointing to see calls for national unity answered with refusals to walk with this or that party. A part of the The socialist part wont  or don’t want to walk with the National Front , who they see as too extreme, and the UMP will walk with them, but would rather not, and of course the National Front seize this as “breaking national unity” and use it as a weapon to show that they have been stabbed “in the back”

Of course , the truth is much simpler.

What really happened was that some socialist deputies got together to organize a march in solidarity to Charlie Hebdo. They met in a room, and discussed the whens and wheres. However, they didn’t think to invite a diversity from other parties, rather they were friends and colleagues acting ‘on the hoof”

Of course, Marine Le Pen takes the position of “the excluded” or the wounded, claiming to represent half of France and “limping bravely to lick her wounds”. How ridiculous! She knows the tide has turned for her ilk. People want to work together, and those who exclude themselves forget that you don’t send invitations to enter into resistance.

Hollande meets Le Pen today and I for one hope he tells her to stop her histrionics. We all need to concentrate on the horror of the murders, not our egos.


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