Modern hell



Raw pain crept from red shot eyes, crisping down the furrowed face, grey with age, sagged and worn, worry lined and paper thin. It had taken so long to get here, and realize. Orwell was right, Winston was right; there was no truth, just things served up to us in the media. This or that version of events, with only our memories and spirits left to question them. One faction’s beliefs dusted down from the shelf and held up in the light as being better than everyone else’s. Belief forgets respect, respect forgets belief. Governments had organized events to justify war, or aggressive actions. Religious sects had done the same. Everyone hated everyone else, there was just that.  A deep misunderstanding and mistrust, a closing of minds and spirits. People thinking that their God made them better, or their money made them better.  Shows of affluence, shows of influence. A collective forgetfulness of what the past had been, a deliberate misrepresentation, a rewriting of events, creating people or removing them. World leaders removed from photos for being female World leaders marching for freedom of speech when in their countries that doesn’t exist, or is threatened, as if freedom of speech existed anywhere. Other countries funding the terrorists, funding the football. Control the pleasure and then you control the people.

Of course, all this bounced round inside his head. There was no alternative, rebellion was death. Even those who claimed to be in the counter culture were only there because the government needed them to prove some kind of alternative existed. Like a spare room in a dusty castle no one dared visit. The internet and the television and the mobile phone were real tele screens, always in the background, always connected to a big multinational. People had ceased to question, to think, accepting convenience, shopping in supermarkets, buying online, a consumer orgy, whilst all around them was suffering, and the bottom billion s starved and died from preventable disease and famine. The USA had spied on everyone’s emails, and now Google wanted to spy inside everyone’s minds, The google glasses had come on to the market, and been a success. No one had known they would be so addictive, so damaging. People had had chips fitted to their brains, just to be in contact; it had become fashionable, like, miniskirts or tattoos. A slow evolution to cyborgs. Starting with our thoughts, our feelings, our freedom and ending with our bodies. People didn’t die anymore, but he had decided otherwise.

His veins were blue, visible through the flesh, liver spotted sagged arms, clawing fingers and yellow teeth. His fingernails were thickened, he was ready to dance with the devil. He’d forgotten how old he was, and he didn’t care anymore. Death would be freedom, freedom from those who wanted to control, to kill, to hate, to manipulate and to rule. Those whose beliefs had overruled respect.  He lay down in his cot-like bed, looked at the white ceiling, and thought back, back over those ploughed years, those fields, landscapes of memories, and died.

The ploughed fields

He was born back in the other time, before the revolution. His diary told it all, the society of then. Hardships and poverty, austerity and want. How they had rebuilt society, to be fairer, more just. Politicians had nationalized big companies, introduced social and health care systems, retirement and care for the elderly. Workers had paid from their saleries, employers had contributed too. But then the nationalized companies had become giant monopolies, full of people doing nothing, producing nothing other than paperwork. Strikes crippled the country. A politician smashed trade union power, smashed communities and created a new state. The revolution. Of course, all that mattered now was money. Lives and health, security and happiness had been forgotten. The diary etched the path from poverty to plenty to greed, where people saw want and shared, and then people saw plenty and wanted greed. Then, society started to change. Before, people had been republican or democrats, now they were just out for themselves; Any notion of working for a better society was quickly forgotten, and no need to trips to Room 101 , where you would be broken, rather just the glint and gleam of cash.

The money was electronic, cooked up by banks and something that didn’t really exist. The commoners didn’t know that, they borrowed from banks and paid back with interest, not worrying that the repayments often equaled many times the sum originally borrowed. People paid for cars a few  times, and a house many times. Credit cards were great, because it ensured a debt for the commoners.Even education had to be paid for, then health. If you were a commoner, the decision was debt or death; and if you died, you left the debt to your children. Poverty was thus ensured to be heredity. Then death tax was cancelled, so that being rich became hereditary too.

When the commoners couldn’t pay back the debt, the bank took away the house, selling it to a new owner. Often, the commoners would be disgraced and humbled. The party engineered it so that those Bolshevik enough to question, or those with independent enough minds, or open enough eyes would be those crushed on the cogs of the machine. The elected class had become the ruling class, career politicians who lined their pockets, fleecing the poor, disabled, hungry and uneducated. The rulers made sure the poor stayed poor, and that the rich became richer, the forelock tugging to rich capitalists.

Of course, the elected class made sure that tax cuts were applied to the rich, so the rich would fund there election campaigns; This led to austerity and a lack of social investment; Sick commoners had to wait for months, schools in commoner districts became shoddy, run down, teachers were migratory at best and drunk at worst. Social care for the sick, disabled and elderly was seen as a waste by the ruling class, who bullied and despised these ideas, seeing them as weaknesses, rather than bad luck or statistics

Then the terrorists came. The rich elected class needed oil from Arab and Islamic countries. Oil was the new black slave, capable of doing many men’s work at a fraction of the price; slavery had been outlawed, but here was an alternative. Besides, the rich society had a currency backed on oil. The Petrodollar. At first they invaded these countries and made them colonies, then protectorates. Eventually, after the second war, they were made independent. But it was a ruse by the rulers. They weren’t really independent at all, the rich class had too much influence, and often dictated policy, or even installed pupped governments, or overthrew legitimacy elected ones.

Inside these countries a great cry of injustice came, and then the religious class used the bitterness and envy to form and train terror groups. Instead of forgiveness, revenge came from the East. The terrorists struck at the heart of the rich empires, destroying buildings, people newspapers, and trains, buses and killing soldiers and Jews. They killed anyone who didn’t think the same as them, who didn’t believe the same as them. An extreme way of life had come. Because the rich had neglected society so much, they had forgotten to invest in society. The army and the police were so run down that they couldn’t deal with this new threat. Training new civil servants was expensive, as schools were so poor, and health so bad that commoners needed better diets and hospitals. But the ruling class all agreed on one thing, neoliberalism for all, crushing all who disagreed, and creating more terror gangs.

Then the shock in the diary. The terror gangs were also funded by the Rich Rulers. They were part of the woven fabric of lies held up to the commoners on TV , in newspapers and on the Internet. Some governments had even organized terror attacks to justify wars, to control key countries. Countries where oil or drugs could be found. The media pumped the Rich Rulers message that terror needed to be confronted by war. War followed war followed war. It had become difficult to discern where one conflict ended and another began.

The Ruling Rich made sure countries piled up debt, as then they could ensure independence was finished. A country in debt was easy to dictate to, cash was king.

Television and internet, film and radio made sure the commoners were entertained. Enemies were identified, and hated, only to be loved soon after. News programs told blatant lies, employed shrills as specialists who spread lies and disinformation. Media moguls could make or break the rich rulers, and so they had to be bowed down to, and their very whims seen to happen. The electorate voted not on policy but on image and the media moguls made sure the result they wanted happened. The commoners voted another way, but it was just the same really. Then yet another way, with a coalition, but it was worse, even worse than before. Hope itself was dead. All that was left was the dream of a better world held in the diaries.

He had died, and it was our job to fight, somehow, we could do something. Better to die on the cogs of the machine than in the gutter of despair.

In the second war, The Nazis had dreamt up the final solution, but the Rich Rulers knew nothing so obvious or evil was needed, people would do it to each other without government sponsorship. Investing in terror gangs had made sure.

As usual it would take decades for the truth to come out, battered and changed, the first victim of the wars.

Who were we? Perhaps the best way to answer this question is to describe the group. I’d never met more than one member at a time, it was too dangerous. In the streets, cameras followed your every move. Once, I’d stopped to roll a cigarette, three police officers arrived to check it wasn’t drugs; You could be stopped and searched with no reason given, no reason needed. Terrorists gave the Rich Rulers an excuse to pass punitive laws and freedom hindering opportunities; I never knew just how many we were, or where each member lived; We would meet in public parks and crowded bars, or in the old churches at night, making different paths to the rendezvous, and leaving at different times. The press was full of those fallen from grace, put on pedestals to be knocked down. I never knew if they were members or not, hints and rumors.

I worked in the faceless school, teaching those students who bothered to come. So much information flowed from so many sources that what was true no longer mattered. The student could just look up anything on the net, and read out the information from the official source. They never questioned the sources, or the authors.

The students would gang around and hit or mock the weakest, and have to be punished. Parents took the side of bully pupils, being bullies themselves. Colleagues came and went, worn by the grind of disobedience and laziness, a dumbing down and a brainwashing sponsored by the Rich Rulers.

We all  had mindless jobs, in health, education, or the like, all having gone in with a burning desire to help or change or improve society, all crushed by the Rich Rulers. Crushed with debt, or illness, or both, crushed by lack of funding or vision, bad management and old Boy’s Club promotions, nepotism and networks. I was as good as all the others, they were as good as me. That old lie “Liberty, equality, Solidarity’.

The teacher of course had some power, judging who passed and who failed, all too often basing it on behavior rather than ability, not questioning that the children who came were bored, or violent. Perhaps the devil existed, perhaps it was us.

Information was passed between us, but no one was trusted; Was the peper really destroyed, or handed to the authorities, or used to bait or blackmail others, in this crazed society, nothing was real anymore, even the everyday interactions were guarded and hidden. Love was fleeting, sex had become the act, people forgot to build relationships. The answer lay on the net, not in the head or the heart.

Perhaps the net was built to spread information, to take it out of the hands of the rich rulers, but they had bought it,as they buy everything.

We were decided. I science was the tribute to what we know even though we were fallible, we had to use science in our debates, our policies, our questions; we couldn’t bend our knees to violence, dogma, extremes  or religion; But then the Rich Rulers used or rather misused science, creating phoney debates or arguing that certain questions or debates were over, decided. The worst was global warming, an argument in every science class.

So we planned, did, checked and acted, those four ways to quality


David Wellington’s Fear competition

I recently tried my hand at entering this competition ( see the wonderful web site here and forgot to read the rules carefully enough, as usual getting carried away with the writing. I was out of the rules as I had published a book, and the competition is only open to those who haven’t, but here is my attempt anyway!

Good luck to all those who take part, and I look forward to reading those scary stories!

The pitch to David Wellington

Trickling down his back, shivering, shining in the half light, with a clickty-click, the thief tried to pick the lock on the book. After climbing, walking, scratching his way to the hidden cave, there it was, the ultimate lifelong prize.

Years of research and of searching, reading, looking, hoping to believe and the thief knew the dangers hidden here. The cave of death. A sip of water from the flask, steady shaking hands. Concentrating now, his brow frowning, he faced the last test, opening the book. Only those with a heart truly blackened with adventure would survive.

He’d done all sorts of rituals before, but this one would be the best.

Candle wax dribbled here and there, making its sculptures on the table. The thief paused, gulping in air, hope, and luck. “Pop” and the locket swung open, and he clasped the book, ready to open it. He spoke the words of the curse, and finally opened the book.

He read the first lines, laughing, he’d survived.

Then, roaring, came the owner, hidden in the pages.

“You will be the lock of the book now” said the voice “And doomed to guard a legend from no-one”

The thief screamed. He was turning into metal. Searing up his arms, through his very veins, metal came, and held him in its grasp. He became the lock, bent, clicked onto the book’s spine. A warning for all thieves and adventurers. Even with a blackened heart, if it is not yours, don’t take it.

Horror Monologue. ADULT CONTENT

Horror monologue. Warning adult sexual content

I took another handful of fibers, and pushed my way up through this wall. Dark, warm, moist this twilight world. Sure seems hot and cramped in this zone!; How did I get here?, You ask. Well it’s a simple story.

I met her in that bar near the World War II bunker, green eyes, body to dribble over, red haired and heavy breasted and I’m just a man, my brain’s in my pants!

We talked for hours, seemed to touch, to connect. I can’t explain it, she just seemed to read my mind. She was in the bar, but I’d never seen her before, despite her claim of being a regular. We’d sat down in the corner, background music, that orange lighting so common in this joint, the table sticky from drink, the busy world blurred passed us as we flirted, listened, eyes flitting from face to chest to leg to hair, scanning her, wanting her. She looked at me as if she wanted to drink my soul, to taste the flesh. God she was hot, long haired, and ready. I drank another whisky, Dutch courage, sank deeper into the sofa. She had other ideas and grabbed my wrist, pulled me up. “Let’s go back to my place” She‘d whispered softly, sexually, in my ears. Her hot, full lips brushed my ear; she even nibbled it as she said those words.

By now I was hot. I wanted her. I wanted to do stuff with her that you don’t write about! We’d almost run back to her place, stopping only at the pharmacy for condoms. I could see her nipples now, hard, round, firm. There was no mistaking that night, after months of loneliness, I’d found a woman who was funny, interesting and hot. I was going to get some action, I hoped I wouldn’t disappoint. She wanted me! Gosh.

I was a bit flustered, so slowly we started, a drink before, and then upstairs. No hurriedly flinging clothes everywhere, we still talked, caressing each other, slowly. By now I was throbbing in my pants, holy smokes!

She’d asked for that thing that certain girls love so much, and I went down, between her thighs, and gave her pleasure. She was going crazy, and then, I fell.

Looking back now, it must have been that last drink, or a trap in the bed or the floor. I must have passed out, as I woke up here, on this sheer wall, with only these fibers to grasp as I push up through this huge warm carpet-like surface. There doesn’t seem to be any floor, nor any ceiling, but it sure is warm in this place.

The world seems strange, as I look at my claws, and find a place to suckle the blood from the surface of the wall.

Looks like that witch turned you into a pubic louse too!

The day After

What now?

well here are some ideas

1) In prisons, we need to get the small time criminals before the jhadists and get them back into society, through jobs in say the army or in elsewhere society.Otherwise Jhadists target them. Nazi Germany started with 3% of people, and ended in war, horror and turmoil. Lets not do the same with jhadists.

2) We need to introduce civic service for all, like national service to teach children the basics. Hello, good morning, please, thanks, and so on.

3) We need to invest in those important area of education, health, schools and police . The police need to be part of the community, the community need to be part of the police

4) Tax avoidance needs to stop; We cant pay for all the things society needs unless everyone is willing to pay their fair share; Take note multinationals and tax avoiders

5) Arms and drugs. Drugs are no longer controlled and arms seem to be going the same way.We need a workable solution, realistic and constructive. Perhaps its time to legalize certain drugs in strict frameworks and stop money going to the mafia and jhadists.Guns need to be controlled, we need to work in the neglected areas.

Keeping Freedom

After such terror attacks take away or even attack freedoms, the political temptation is to crack down on everyone. Everyone is a suspect in a crazy witch hunt,echoing the Mcarthyism of the 50’s. After 9/11 the US introduced the Patriot act.Then Snowdon pointed out the US had been snooping everyone in a blaze of paranoia. But the truth is that not anyone will become a terrorist, rather they have a background.

If we consider the recent  terrorists in Europe, we can see some patterns.But care, not everyone in these categories is crazy/terrorist.

1) They often seem to be lost, without a job or a social integrity, often with drug or other petty criminal backgrounds as a result of under-funding and lasser-faire in inner city problem areas and prisons.

2) They are picked up by bad “Immans”(they aren’t really Immans) and brainwashed .

3) They have contacts with other terror individuals through virtual or real networks

4 They don’t surrender, they seek martyr status

5) They target representatives of the state and Jews, and authors or books or cartoons which are either mocking or shocking or both.

6 Their childhood seems to have been broken by divorce or bad parenting or abandonment

Mohammed Merah, Alexandre Dhaussy, Saîd and Chérif Kouachi as well as Amady Coulibaly all seem to fit the profile. Farid Benyettou, a self taught preacher, radicalised the Kouachi brothers and Coulibaly in a matter of months, sending them to Yeman for heavy arms training.

An armed-services adviser to President Hollande, Professor Jean-Pierre Filiu, today said he has identified possible links between the Paris suspects and Islamic State.

He told AFP that a French-Tunisian jihadist Boubaker el-Hakim and member of Islamic State was part of the same “Butte-Chaumont” network in Paris as Cherif Kourachi.

Hakim assassinated two Tunisian politicians in 2013 and he “represents the link between the Kouachi brothers and [Islamic State]”, the professor said.

We need to be vigilant and not naive, but we also need to avoid a police state and closing the door after the horse has left.Knee jerk reactions are not a good idea now.We need to find answers through thought and then action rather than the Sarkozy approach with the Karcher. Giving people guns is a really stupid idea and tarring all Muslims with the same brush is another bad idea.

Countries need to stop giving terrorists reasons to kill.Torture at Guantanamo didn’t help ! However, I’m minded to observe that those wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have left the situation worse now, than before.The Taliban come back, even ruling parts of Helmen Province where so many British troops died.Car bombs go off every week in Iraq. The power vacuum in Libya, Egypt Syria and Tunisia has been filled by very worrying events.The Arab Spring was welcomed, but not just by the West. Extremists took the chance to build Empires too. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi now carries out terror and ethnic cleansing and atrocities in his zone of influence.Like Nazi Germany, we will end up fighting this terror somehow.

Its a dirty war, and we have to fight , even though darkness is never beaten by darkness, even though we believe in love. If we don’t stand and say “stop”  and act now the extremists will never stop.I’m not suggesting we go into these countries and cause more chaos or death, or leave a bigger power vacuum, rather we need to think of what we can do to stop this violence.The Isis or DAESH  or ISIL have no respect for our beliefs, culture, communities, for human life, believing that if you disagree you must die. No. We need to persuade Qatar and Saudi Arabia to stop funding them somehow. We’ve slept too long, and the terrorists have come for us. We need to defend our values with peace and love, not hate, fear and paranoia.We need to protect the state and end austerity, as its leading to under funding in key areas and causing terror through poverty.

National unity in France

France hasn’t really understood what happened on Wednesday, or at least some of the politicians haven’t.

its disappointing to see calls for national unity answered with refusals to walk with this or that party. A part of the The socialist part wont  or don’t want to walk with the National Front , who they see as too extreme, and the UMP will walk with them, but would rather not, and of course the National Front seize this as “breaking national unity” and use it as a weapon to show that they have been stabbed “in the back”

Of course , the truth is much simpler.

What really happened was that some socialist deputies got together to organize a march in solidarity to Charlie Hebdo. They met in a room, and discussed the whens and wheres. However, they didn’t think to invite a diversity from other parties, rather they were friends and colleagues acting ‘on the hoof”

Of course, Marine Le Pen takes the position of “the excluded” or the wounded, claiming to represent half of France and “limping bravely to lick her wounds”. How ridiculous! She knows the tide has turned for her ilk. People want to work together, and those who exclude themselves forget that you don’t send invitations to enter into resistance.

Hollande meets Le Pen today and I for one hope he tells her to stop her histrionics. We all need to concentrate on the horror of the murders, not our egos.

I refuse, I accuse, I accept.

I refuse the violence and aggression of those terrorists who kill. Today, with infinite sadness, people post nonsense on the net about “false flags” and such like.I say to them that they are missing the point. People have been killed, in cold blood, in broad daylight, if you’ll excuse the cliches. Perhaps there is a big plot behind all this, some conspiracy or other,I don’t know. But today should be about meeting, hoping, changing.We can but wonder what motivated theses killers, or who is behind this attack.We can accuse everyone of not letting foreigners integrate properly, or even accuse foreigners of not wanting to integrate, but the reality probably lies in the middle somewhere.We are all guilty.Then we can accuse poverty of having an influence, waving fingers at austerity measures which have caused society to suffer, frowning at the extreme of wealth and wondering at the richest companies who dodge taxes and what effect that has on society.But we still use those multi nationals, Google, Facebook, Apple and such. Comfort is worth more than principles today.Or even fall into the trap of thinking all Muslims hate, and that they spent their time in mosques planning jihad.Which of course they don’t.Then we can ask Muslims to speak up and say they accept the Republic, but as they already live in France, we can probably think that the majority do.6 million live,work and are part of the community.Then we can worry about the flight of Jews from France, but we know its happening and don’t like that either.The growth of political extremism too, with more and more people openly following extreme parties, the National Front and other extremes.We should question this.

Thousands went out to meet each other yesterday.We need to continue, meeting, eating together, celebrating our freedom, our communities, our lives, sharing our differences and accepting others as they accept us.We need to forgive, fighting with hate with love. We need to refuse this bloody version of the future.

Being open minded means accepting those flaws that make us all human, those things that make us so interesting. The terrorists don’t want you to question everything, but to accept that they are right, when in our lives we have all been wrong about something at a certain point.To fail is human. Fail again.Fail better.

Before we forget those words “Love your enemy as yourself” , we would do well to remember that punishment is not the same as revenge.

So I take up Christ’s challenge, I forgive those terrorist of their crimes. But I still hope for justice.

To all the families, the friends, the French, The Charlies, I say to you “hope, love and charity”.My sorrow is deep, but my hope is high.Humanity isn’t about death on the street, but of love in our hearts.

We need to move away from our collective blindness to suffering and away from the push button philosophy that “the end justifies the means” and TOUCH PEOPLE!

from my friend Eric

“At the moment a large part of France and even the world is broken-hearted,stunned and shocked by the thing we have seen, have lived through.I’d like to ask the real questions “Why do some people arrive at this destination?” . For my part, I’d love that we don’t forget simply to accuse misery. Misery is the feeding ground, the breeding ground which pushes crazyies to think that their beliefs are evident and true.In our fast moving world, a world where exploited parents don’t have time to look after or bring up their own kids.To teach them wrong and right, the basic values, regardless of religion,creed or nation. How can we forget  these monsters who killed the cartoonists were once children who laughed, played and had fun? How can you kill cartoonists when you love laughter? The creators of model of a counter society to the one in which we live today. Cartoonists who were simple,honest, and themselves to the end? Today, it is for me as if the 12 Apostles have been killed.

Lets get back to the nightmare!, and talk again about poverty, the breeding ground of hate and illogical thoughts, which breeds dangerous crazies.
Today’s society needs to question how to escape the smoke and mirrors.Eliminating poverty could be a major lever, teaching “common sense” at school and “learning to think for yourself” all seem easier when stomachs are full.Instead we teach kids how to be millionaires or footballers or whatever else.Its not millionaires that make schools,  but happy kids who go on to be happy adults.When you are happy, you dont go round killing people or robbing them or raping them or exploiting them. Maybe you don’t become famous making vaccines or teaching English, but you do become happy! Instead we feed people with 15 minutes of fame, through reality TV , doing horrid things to each other. We teach children to crush each other rather than to work together. This leads to yesterday’s blood bath.

I accuse all those who stuff their bank balances with money and leave the rest to die. All those companies who avoid taxes, all those who flee France for financial reasons. Poverty is the tinderbox of yesterday’s murders.

Lets pay hommage to the cartoonists with a caricature!, a drawing which exaggerates, and exposes!

Take the French comic Gad Elmaleh !

On French TV he’s sold his soul to banks, doing adverts for the same banks which sunk our economies, the same banks involved in scandals! His personal life and his involvement in Monaco may well be the result of love or chance, or greed.

Of course Gad is a good guy, and a caricature exaggerates. He’s not the only famous one to avoid taxes, let’s be honest, no one likes taxes.

He makes people laugh, and if ten people make ten people make ten people laugh we get a comic chain reaction. That has to be better than killing sprees for crazies.

So what I wrote isn’t perfect,may be its just stupid!”

But we all need to reflect today on what society we want and how to get that.


Google and the manipulation of the world.The end of humanity.

I used to love Google.They were a bright, dynamic, exciting company who produced good products and services, ready to listen to the client and offer great services, and, let’s face it, great internet tools.

The tools are still great, the Google Agenda, YouTube, Gmail, and I have an Android phone with loads of Google stuff on it too. Google Chrome  and the search engine. . The maps, the images and so on, I use them every day. Thanks Google!

But Google have thought about tax and death in a new way, a different way.

Firstly, along with many other multinational companies, they “optimize” taxation through various means, which may well be legal, but in my opinion, lack ethical clarity.

Below is a list of companies who optimized their taxation and I hope to see an end to this behavior soon. Otherwise we’ll see that those things taxation provides, education, roads, defense, health and culture all suffer. The very fabric of society.


Pretty shocking, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Then Google decided to invest in health care. Now don’t get me wrong, I think that initiatives by organisations such as The Gates Foundation, whilst being vehicles for richwashing, ( a term I invented , its like greenwashing where companies pretend to be green by doing piecemeal stuff, companies pretend to be good by doing piecemeal stuff) do provide great benefits to society, and diseases like Polio may well go the way of Smallpox thanks to vaccination programmes in part or wholly funded by Gates Foundation. But Google seem to want to have a world without death, where everyone is connected all the time to the internet, where we can exchange and relay information through our very thought processes. Where death itself is a thing of the past.Where we don’t need taxes for healthcare, or education, or culture as all the information is on the net, directly linked to your brain.

Late last year Google created a company called Calico (, aimed at researching aging, and they hired the best and brightest to run and develop.Lifespan and ageing are being investigated. Lifespans could go to 100, 150, 200 years old.

They’ve developed products for diabetes (a contact lens which continuously monitors sugar levels ) and their Google glasses will be on the market this year if they are not already.

They are already in the EHR market, developing software for hospitals to use to collect and store data.

Their vision is of a biotechnologies future where aging ,death and disease are all things of the past, where organs can be printed on 3D printers and great advances take place.

That all sounds great. Having dealt with taxation, they will deal with death. But stop.

Look at the society we now have, where multinationals don’t play their role in paying taxation, where austerity and social services are threatened and people queue for food at food banks whilst the richest get even richer, the poor get poorer. Perhaps we’ve decreased poverty in the world by 25% but the bottom billion people are still as poor as they have ever been. And even though we’ve lifted billions out of poverty, there is still misery in the world.

Think of the joy of a birth, the joy of a mother or a father watching children grow, learn, interact and develop.The sadness of illness and death. The love you share with people. Those who have died, and who you miss.Death is the one constant we shouldn’t fear,or change.As a father, this moment of child raising is great,a joy,a love, a harmony, what luck to be able to do this.But if we don’t die, then this chance will go.

If no-one dies, then the population will explode! Raising children may become difficult. You may need a ticket to have a child! All the joy and love and sadness that makes us humans evaporates in the heat of technology. It isn’t science they are offering, rather an Orwellian view or a Huxley ” Brave New World”view, where babies are made in big tubes and Soma Soma Soma! is the chant. A perfect gleaming nightmare.Those seeking utopia are really the same as those seeking dystopia.

Besides, death, however sad and tragic, is like decline and taxes: inevitable and natural. In the end, we become tired and ill, and die. We need to pay taxes for societies sake, and as we are all part of society, for our own sake.If we lived forever, procrastination would be a very big problem, as things only get done when people do them, generally when motivated by some factor, be it love, time or money. If no-one dies, there are no ultimate deadlines. Sure, a manager could say ‘next week’ but then the weeks lose importance, and motivation slowly draws to an end.

Google want to create a super human, a cross between a computer and a human. But they forget this very thing.In life you can see mistakes as either an opportunity to improve and develop, or as a point of shame and embarrassment, as something to hide from and escape. Which one do you think is more productive? If we make no mistakes, we make nothing.

Humans are interesting because they are not perfect, and I’m not sure making them connected to computers enhances humans. Ok, you could have the whole of the internet ready to look at, but that’s already on your phone or computer, or even your Google glasses. After, they’ll move to implants in the brain and skin.Then nanospheres and printed organs. Slowly, we move to an unnatural world. Slowly becoming less human. Radio TV and the internet have all had a “sheepifying” effect on the population.People don’t question the news shown to them or debate the best way of action. What price free for thought once Google and the Thought Police get inside your head? An army of zombies to do the bidding of Google.

We are only really free in those few cubic centimeters inside our skulls.Where thoughts and fancies, plans and deeds, ideas and longings, lusts and dreams can develop in safety, free from the judgement of others until we open our big mouths, or write them down. Google want to be able to sell that!

Don’t let us lose this!

A new kidney would be great for me, someone with terminal kidney disease. But where are the strings tied? i’m not sure that Google are offering anything I want!

It’s not ethically clear enough yet, and Google need to reassure investors, patients and the population that yes, they want to earn money, and yes they want to help people, and yes the information remains private.  They’ve not done any of this, rather remaining aloof and arrogant, warning us all that ‘the future is change’ and that they will rule the world. Rather a frightening prospect.

Google already knows everything you do on your computer(oh yes!), your mobile if you use android (ah ha!). Do you want them to know your medical history? Will they sell that to your insurance company, or even your employer? or your neighbor? Could a hacker get this information and blackmail you with it?

Are they going to sign a privacy document like a doctor? Or take the Hippocratic oath? they only have one ethic,one song, one chord, “make money”. A company that only does that is a very bad one indeed.

It boils down to “Do you trust Google?” Human nature being what it is, we can see from their past that they will do everything they can to increase profit at the cost of humanity and society.

There is a great read here, about death, and even though I’m not a religious person I can’t help but agree with lots of what’s written on this excellent blog.

People are already addicted to their phones, the internet and so on. If Google are so greedy as to want to own our very souls, our very beings, it seems there really is no limit to capitalism and greed.They have our privacy and our preferences already.

Politicians need to put boundaries on their activities and laws to guide them.Laws that they cant use to their advantage or turn round, or find ways to wriggle free from. In the end it our obligations that define us.

Google needs to be cut up into smaller companies and its monopoly investigated. Otherwise there will only be one company. Google.

Fast lane thinking

Driving the road back finds me imagining fantastic worlds or situations, as if trying to escape from the fast lane. Trees go past,white lines flash, signposts blink past, scenes from the movie in my mind, where I am the hero of my own Hollywood movie, saving the heroine from disaster,or giving the Queen important advice, or whatever other Walter Mitty idea flames through my brain, electrons liberated from their shells looking for fun. As if the fantasy is more appealing than the humdrum daily grind to get to work and back.