The European dream

We need to redraw Europe and move towards a new ideal. We need to move towards the city state or the region having power to decide where the solutions to problems are needed rather than trying to enforce a solution across the whole of the European continent, rather like jam on toast.
It is argued that we need Eurobonds and to collectively tie up our debts as we have a European currency, but as long as countries remain outside of this currency, they make it weaker and Europe suffers.In a team, everyone works towards the same goal. Tying up the debt just makes a big mountain of debt, and we do need ways to tackle this problem whilst maintaining the social structures throughout Europe. We need also global politics in this new Europe, a European pension fund, for the workers, a European health care scheme for its citizens and a European social fund to help disabled ,handicapped, children and the unemployed. A Euro tax and social contributions should be levied on citizens and businesses.So What I’m saying seems rather contradictory. Locally we need to be able to inject cash into those areas which need it, and cities and regions should be able to manage the problems as they know what they are and how to deal with them best, and we also need a level playing ground for European expectations, so that every citizen in Europe can expect the same medical treatment, and the same opportunities and care in society.Of course, Europe isn’t some airtight bag, but immigrants should be welcomed and integrated so that they work and produce and are social contributors.At the moment we are scared of others rather than embracing them.
When sovereign countries build up debt, they lose sovereignty, and this is true for Europe also. However, as Ammerica points the finger at us and laughs, Europe has less debt than America and a better GDP, so its not so bad for us.If the Euro is in a crisis, then the dollar will fail.Us debt, according to official figures is 12.6 trillion ( The debt clock here shows a good comparison. Just looking at this page and seeing the figures click by is frightening.
We’ll never pay these debts. So we should go to the people we owe money and work out a solution. Or tax international firms who dodge taxes with a ‘bonus’ tax.Europe needs to get people to support its communities rather than sitting in an armchair and relying on voting for the usual suspects who don’t offer anything new other than the usual neoliberal nonsense.
Neoliberlism makes us children who complain that others are richer than us or have a new car or whatever, instead of making us adults who we can change things for ourselves and take responsibility. We need to listen less to big business, who of course think only of profit and not society or its greater needs, and more to the citizens who live in the society, their needs and issues.
We don’t want to share, have become blind to poverty and suffering and ignorant to world issues until they hit us in the comfort of our homes.(Ebola, which will be forgotten by Christmas) Which they never/rarely do.
Poverty is increasing as is wealth, which sounds crazy, but the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer. work no longer pays, or is a way out of poverty , as companies seek to reward investors (who do no physical work) rather than workers (who are now seen as a cost , not an asset). Eventually, robots will do manual work (already the case in McDonalds at the order booth) as humans have become too costly, finikity and unreliable for big business, who want us all to use Facebook, Google glasses and Microsoft, whilst drinking a cup of bland coffee from Starbucks.They have forgotten that to have customers, they need to pay workers.

We don’t want to lose the things we have acquired socially, but if we are not prepared to be a bit flexible here, (eg working longer hours or working for more years or paying more taxes)then they will be forcibly removed.We need a way to respect workers and owners.

It’s so difficult to comment however. News moves so fast now that just as we digest one item, a new one is forced down our throats and we don’t question the source, the relevance or the weighting of the items.


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