Thoughts on the students I teach

In my class I try to make the lessons interesting , dynamic and relevant, perhaps the students will make their own comment on if I succeed or not.

However I’ve noticed a few things that worry me generally:

  • Students are addicted to their mobile phones or to the internet. 20 years ago, when I started teaching, bored pupils would look out of the window. Today, bored or not, they look at their phone. Engaging pupils and making them react has become more and more difficult. OK, its impossible for a student to concentrate for 2 hours in my lessons, but they cant concentrate  or don’t know how to concentrate for the ten minutes of listening task I give. And changing between tasks becomes a grinding gear shift, as students fidget in their bag for their phone to kill the seconds between the tasks with phone time. Pupils chat to their neighbor or chat when another presents; there is no respect unless I insist.
  • Students imagine that they will progress in English by speaking their native language and not the target language of English. They don’t spend enough time in English and their level isn’t good enough for the workplace. They don’t understand that to progress you need 4 hrs minimum per week exposure in English.
  • Students don’t come to question knowledge, but to worship it.
  • They imagine because they  (or their) parents pay for the study, they deserve a pass grade.

They lack a basic general understanding of how English works and their level is shockingly bad, lacking syntax, vocab and so on.

Don’t misunderstand me, the majority of students are nice and pleasant, but they have no idea about work.


4 thoughts on “Thoughts on the students I teach

  1. Hello sir, I’ve been reading your article and I feel like I have to give you my opinion. First I agree with you on the fact that we are addicted to our phones, unfortunately that’s a total lack of respect toward you and I’m sorry about that, really.
    Some student don’t speak English with each other in class of course because they are not interested which is a shame really sometimes it takes lots of self confidence to expose our failures in English to our friends, most of the time we are asking for vocabulary and some other just don’t understand and don’t want you to think they are totally dumb.
    However I’ve been quite shocked to read that you think we are so ungrateful about our parents financial sacrifice, we’re all more than conscious that the UCO is really expensive and I feel disappointed to be considered as an irresponsible and disrespectful person whereas I (and many others) am making lots of efforts to make my parents proud of me as I don’t come from a very wealthy family.
    As I told you that’s my own opinion, I’m not expecting you to change your mind or whatever but I just want you to know what I thought and still think about your article.
    Chloé J.

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