Catching the spirit from youth


Ten years ago, I worked as a teacher in a comprehensive school in the UK. Sometimes, pupils would give in work, poems,or other ideas which touched me. I kept this poem, carefully ,  for ten years. Adam Smith was a tall blonde boy, very intelligent and determined, with the character to refuse. I hope he doesn’t mind , all these years later, that I publish his poem on my blog.

TIME by Adam Smith

The strongest of men

Not one and not ten

Can hinder the hands of a clock


With each passing day

The hours they weigh

As a chair round the neck with a rock



No manner of coin

No ally you join

As to way lay the dawn from its breaking


And when all’s said and done

There is nowhere to run

The morning of that final awakening


Yet immortal we feel

And made up of,steel

We pretend  not to see the faking


So colour your hair

Lift your face as they stare

At the signs of the oncoming night


And deny your mortality

And the one true reality

Is there , just out of sight


And cling to the ever fading light

As you fight the unwinnable fight


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