This sound

This sound

Ratttling and swirling

Vibrating and howling.

Listen. Listen

The still trees.

The still birds

Listen and wonder.

Take the time to listen.

Stop and listen.

What can you hear?

The patter of rain or of feet?

The stamping of feet or the flutter of birds?

The twinkle of stars?

That sound

That beating sound

in your chest. 

The murmur of now, of being alive

The sound of your breath.

The squeak of the shoes on the tennis court.

We forget


The sound of everyday

We filter it out, like pain

Like bad memories or days of shame

Like news of disasters or wars in far off lands

The beauty of sound

The roar of the road or the trickle of the stream

Which can we control?

Or be controlled by?

That ever lasting need

Transport, transport

We forget ourselves

Thinking ourselves permanent

But in fact we pass but once

Through this world

We must make ourselves heard

Or accept normality

The state of resignation 

Surrender to ourselves.


Those landmarks 

Made by peoples long ago

Lie broken , forgotten

Why they were built

What sounds they made

We can but guess.


That sound.






4 thoughts on “This sound

  1. That’s is right: we never take the time to liste to anything (except you in class, of course !).
    But when we try to listen to something, there is always something to disturb us: “diner tiiiime”, a car the passes by, a plan that arises, a horn … There is just one moment when I personally take the time to listen: with my headphone on the bus, listening to the music I like, without being disturbed (well, except this guy with a REALLY weird cough who takes my bus sometimes …) and this moment is just the best of all day !

  2. I think this is one of the best way I’ve seen to make us think about our everyday life, and about the fact that we don’t take the time anymore to listen to ourselves, to each other, and to what surrounds us. It also makes me think about how we don’t have this time anymore, as we’re surrounded by things which will avoid you to be bored, as we’re always connected to the “outside world”. Maybe we should just turn off our phones and see what happens.

  3. I cannot but agree with you. I grew up in a little village on the north of Spain. I mean really little. There were not a lot of children to play with and that was a little boring. But when you are a child, you always find the way. And, in my village you could go for long walks until the mountains. I usually went with my parents on Sundays, and I remember them saying: “listen, that’s a rabbit” when we heard a light rustling near some lands. And, just after, wow! a rabbit running in front of us. Then, mummy saying “listen, a car, move out of the road”. We moved out, and we saw the car passing. And then, a tractor and then, a lorry. And, they have all their own sound.
    That’s how I learnt the sound of the wind moving the trees, which is not the same as when it moves the plants or the flowers. And the sound of “that’s a storm in a close village, go back home”. And, of course, when this storm caught up us, I also learnt the sound of the thunders, and even the sound of the lightning. And, the one of the drops hitting the road, and hitting us. One of the funniest sounds is when it is raining and you run to finish getting into a puddle.
    Then I was too old to walk with my parents. I was not a little girl anymore. I was 12! So I started to discover more sounds by me. I loved to go to a park and hear the laughs of the children when they went down the slide. I learnt a book has also his sound when you turn the pages. And, a paper sheet, when you write a story on it. I discovered the sound of strumming the guitar. Or the one when you jump into the pool and crash into the water. Or else, when friend tell you a secret.
    Later, I became an adult and I began the University… in a new place. A city, of course. There I realize that one of the few sounds I heard there was people’s hurry. There were adult people who were late to work, and people who were late to pick up their children at school. And, sadly, there were children who were late.
    They have to go to school, then they have their basketball training, and their math class, and their swimming class… and finally, they have to do their homework and go to sleep. They are such in a hurry that they do not have time even to hear the ball bouncing or their pencils when they are writing. Or worse, they hear so many sounds at the same time that they become a noise; an unpleasant noise.
    In my opinion, nowadays we are not supposed to hear sounds. We live fast, and we always have a lot of things to do. And, when we finally have some free time, we do not feel like going to the countryside or doing something new. We just want to sit in our comfortable sofa, turn our TV on, and feel like we have time to do everything we want. But we do not really fell like doing it.
    I feel really lucky to have lived in a village, where you have time to spend and where you do not live in a hurry. Plus, I think not living in a hurry is necessary to be able to hear the sound around you.

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