Water wall

The Waterwall

Revelations 8:8

7The first sounded, and there came hail and fire, mixed with blood, and they were thrown to the earth; and a third of the earth was burned up, and a third of the trees were burned up, and all the green grass was burned up. 8The second angel sounded, and something like a great mountain burning with fire was thrown into the sea; and a third of the sea became blood,9and a third of the creatures which were in the sea and had life, died; and a third of the ships were destroyed.…

The first angel was a comet, hitting the earth; the second was Cumbre Vieja , when a huge chunk of the island slid into the sea

The canary islands had produced slumps before, At least 14 large landslides have occurred on the flanks of the El Hierro, La Palma and Tenerife, the majority of these in the last 1 million years, with the youngest, on the northwest flank of El Hierro, as recent as 15 thousand years in  age. (source http://www.earth.ox.ac.uk/~tony/watts/downloads/Masson_Gee_Landslides.pdf)

The debris of these incidents covers several square kilometers of ocean floor, and these slumps could produce mega tsunamis with wave heights of around 40 or even more meters.

Gravel deposits and boulder deposits document there occurrence, and these are found up to 80kms inland on occasion.

The slump.

The wave came, out of the night, enveloping all around it. The whole column of water moved, ripping coral and sediments from the ocean floor. The tide emptied in the harbor, leaving the ships gasping and floundering, like fish at high tide, guttering and rolling. Long forgotten wrecks were uncovered, and the tide disappeared. The wall of water covered the whole of the Atlantic coast, from Alaska to Brazil on one side and from the UK to Africa. The costal population of America had 8 hours of warning to move, and the panic and looting had been going on for a while since the announcement of the volcano sliding into the ocean. A 300 foot wall of water had hit the African coast, less than an hour after, flooding the Saharan coast. They’d only had 1 hour since the slump. The wave hit the Mauritanian coast, sweeping all before it.

The coastal forests were wiped out, and parts of Northern Africa became an inland sea, opening the pathway the Nile took millions of years ago when the Sahara was green.

The wave hit America and didn’t stop till the Appalachians, wiping all before it. The whole of the American Atlantic coast was hit by wall of water.

Water has a mass of 1 Kilo per liter. We’ve all lugged a pack of water bottles home from the supermarket, moaning about their weight. Think how much a wall of water, thousands of kilometers long, and tens of kilometers high would weigh. And if it was travelling at 300 kms an hour? and ten waves came, and then went, dragging debris and destroying everything before it.

There was nothing that withstood the wall of water. Buildings, infrastructure, pipelines, train tracks, highways and houses were rubbed off the map. The coast of the United States of America is dotted with a dozen nuclear power stations, each one a Fukishuma or Chernobyl in waiting. They all melted down when the wave hit. The whole Atlantic coast of the USA was a no-go area, together with the Atlantic coast of Canada, which had half a dozen or so nuclear reactors.

The whole of Florida was buried under water, and the Caribbean was washed over. 40 meter waves washed over. Further south, in Brazil, the Angra Nuclear power plant, just in service was also hit by 40 meter waves. In Mexico too, nuclear plants were washed away. Nuclear radiation poured into the Atlantic from the American coast. The African coast has one nuclear power station, the Koeburg Power Station, in South Africa, also wiped out by waves tens of meters high. In France, and Northern Spain, and Southern Britain, nuclear power plants located on the coast all melted down. Nearly twenty nuclear power plants were wiped out, pouring radiation into the environment, with no way of stopping it.


The survivors were few and far between. On the coast, only a handful of survivors were to be found, widely spread out. People got hold of guns and then took the law into their own hands. The economic collapse of the USA was inevitable.

People had to drink bottled water, or rainwater, avoiding radioactive areas and the fallout from them. Food had to be found, and medicines too.

40 million people died, and 30 million were injured. The dollar collapsed, and China became the de facto world power. Oil was no longer traded in Dollars, but Euros, then Yuan. The demand for oil dropped, as huge numbers of people had died. Diseases became killers, cholera and diphtheria, typhoid all became widespread in and out of the disaster zone.

The Chinese army, all two million men, marched out, taking India as its food basket, and not stopping until Japan and Indonesia were part of its Empire. The war lasted less than 5 years, and after, China was the major world power. Europe paid tribute and Russia too, keeping their humble rank and decadence for a decade longer before China invaded anyway. China brought infrastructure to India.


What was the USA became a no go area. Gangs broke areas into territories, and law and order were from the end of a gun, or the end or a rope. As money meant nothing anymore, gang leaders were violent men, who ruled until they in turn were violently overthrown. Land became the new currency; with gangs forming to keep out marauders and inter gang warfare was commonplace. Weapons had been widely available in the USA before the wave hit, after there was no control at all, and when the United Nations sent a peace keeping mission to what was New York, the local population assumed that America was being invaded and attacked them. The UN withdrew its forces and informed the interim US government that they could and would do no more. Finally, Nuclear weapons were found by gangs, and then things got really bad. The official administration threatened martial law and tried to control the western part of the country. The administration sent soldiers and equipment into the wild zones, hoping to establish, or rather reestablish law and order. But many soldiers were scared of the radiation, and defected or mutinied, joining gangs and leaving those who didn’t rather disadvantaged. Other troop units were decimated, destroyed, or trapped, or fooled into entering highly radioactive zones. But a gang from the southern states of the USA aimed a nuclear bomb at Yellowstone National Park, and the resultant super eruption wiped the rest of America off the map. Forever.

Hundreds of millions died. The gang with the nuclear weapons declared that they were de facto ruler of ‘New America’ and organized the country into a dictatorship, where white power ruled. The Nazi horrors of World War Two were repeated; this time nothing and no one could stop it. Life was brutal, short and violent, with rape commonplace, and crimes against humanity the norm. Civilization and culture had broken down, and this New America created no art, unless violence is an art. And knowledge was lost, as before the disaster few had the knowledge of dealing with radiation, fewer still how to stop it. These engineers were gone.

Even China didn’t go into America. The nuclear zones were everywhere, and the super eruption meant global weather changes and crop shortages for years after. Sunlight levels dropped as a giant cloud of aerosols propagated worldwide; people starved, crops failed, water was poisoned. America lived a ‘wild east’ where gunmen and gangs roamed what was left of the streets, a nightmare vision to behold.

Before the water wall, the world population was over 7 billion, and after the super eruption and water wall, the population was less than a billion. Most of the southern hemisphere was still livable, so populations migrated south, heading to South America and Australasia.

In America, only the survivalists of the most crazily well prepared nature survived. Bunkers, stocked with water and food for 2 years which were also radiation proof were few and far between. The radiation leaks from the power plants lasted for years, as no one was going to plug them up, and anyway, they were under meters of ash from the volcanic eruption. So they would merrily keep on producing nuclear radiation for up to 20 000 years. And crazy survivors aren’t the best people to run a country.

China now ruled Australia and New Zealand, as most of the world fell under Chinese control. China had colonized Africa for its resources and had invaded the Middle Eastern states in its quest for oil and finally solar power, as nuclear power had been abandoned. Population loss was so great that Chinese grabbed the opportunity to have more than one child, which was permitted outside of mainland China. So the Chinese filled their colonies with Chinese immigrants, who got the top jobs, and then they produced more Chinese children to such an extent that the native population was outstripped by Chinese. Thus they ensured that the native population would always be enslaved to the Chinese Empire. The Chinese were following a path of ethnic cleansing. The colour of the world changed, and human population and culture shifted.


America, meanwhile, went from bad to worse. Runaway crime and social decline meant a country where anarchy ruled. The law was swift and brutal, with violence and bloodshed ruling. Civil society disappeared, with no law. Dogs and gunslingers ruled the streets. Forgotten and backward, the once great nation was now just a junkyard of forgotten dreams, with poverty roaming the streets, or death. Radiation had caused many animals and plants to mutate, causing deaths.

The weight of the water on the land was such that it had caused faults to open and earthquakes to happen. More volcanoes came to life, along the west coast of ‘New America’ and the Andes of America. Drug gangs from the south of Mexico and Latin America took over, and corruption and greed were commonplace.

A mountain fell into the sea, and the world changed.


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