France in the future

The French Government are having a pow wow about what France will look like in the future and are looking at 2025 as a target.
Here are some facts and predictions for France .
Population and demography:
According to Insee: If recent demographic trends continue, France’s population will reach 70 million by 1 January 2050, 9.3 million more than in 2005. Total population will increase continuously during this period, but the rate of growth will decrease over time. One in three inhabitants will be aged at least 60 in 2050,(including me, as I was born in 1970) compared with one in five in 2005. The proportion of both young people and the economically active will decrease. For every 100 inhabitants aged between 20 and 59 in 2050, there will be 69 inhabitants aged at least 60, double the 2005 ratio. Such trends, which are based on accepted assumptions, may change over time, but there is no doubt that an ageing population is inevitable.
So the population of France will increase and age.(source
France desperately needs to tackle the retirement bubble.And the health care one too!

Motorways and infrastructures: France plans to build an astonishing 1000 plus KM of motorway between 2010 & 2050. Lille, Rouen, Tours, Arles, Thionville will all get a ring road.(source That adds up to a 10% increase in motorways. However, only 1 airport will be built, in Nantes. Rail projects have recently been shelved, but we will see if this is temporary or permanent.The French state wants to invest 100 million Euros into new high speed lines, we’ll see if that happens. France has identified key ports, Nantes/St Nazaire, Marseilles, Dunkerque and Le Harves as key points of growth. Rail freight will increase.If they can persuade the trade Union movement to embrace France!

Forests, Agriculture and Ecology.
Forests will shrink and become more exploited.Currently 10% of France is exploited as forests. France is self sufficient food wise, but in 2050, this will become a distant memory. A quick look at land prices, which have increased everywhere in France, even 14 times in the most rural areas to 100 times in Paris, for example in my Rural Village in Loire Atlantique, 2006 price per m2 30 euros, 2012 price per m2 100 euros.Wow.
Climate change will mean less maize and more wheat production, hitting meat production.Wine regions will be hit, and the agricultural map of France will evolve.The South of France will be drier, and so agriculture will evolve.
Rural areas will develop as people leave towns and commute. Farms will be different!

Bioenergy/biogas will come on line.I wonder if Fission will finally available

France has too many layers of administration, complex and impenetrable.
mayor, deputy(members of Parliament), region and department, canton , and Europe all have elections , all a network to support them based on taxation. France has too many mayors, more in France than the rest of Europe combined. France has to reduce the number of mayors while keeping local democracy alive and well, a real challenge for the future.
Towns with a major closer than 5 kilometers away should be merged to form one town, and the Mayors offices could be sold off or used for social housing. I live in St Herblon, and around my town there is a mayor in Anetz (5km) Ancenis (7km) Varades (9km)La Roxiere(8km) La Roche Blanche (8km) . One mayor’s office could be created for all these areas.
While local challenges are needed to be dealt with on a local scale, the scale needs upgrading from Napoleonic(and horse power models) to the post Internet age.

France is in a good place to be a world power in the future IF it plans now.


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