Twitter trolling and forthright females.

These last few days I’ve seen some shocking things on the Internet about twitter abuse.

A woman worked hard to get a bank note changed with a woman on it, and she gets targeted by twitter users who threaten to rape/and or kill her.

Bomb threats (I kid you not!) are made to other journalists who write humorous articles on ‘how to use the internet’ (see



The Guardian notes….

Caroline Criado-Perez, a freelance journalist who co-founded  and the Week Woman  blog, and fellow campaigners were delighted last week when the Bank of England confirmed that the Pride and Prejudice author would replace Charles Darwin on the notes, probably in 2017. You can read the rest of the story here

But basically, If I understand this, a woman campaigned for Jane Austen to be on a bank note (and why not, she is a figure worthy of such note) and this so offended some people that they resorted to sending anonymous (or what they thought were anonymous) threats of violence and rape ! Do these men (I assume its men, but hey, I may be mistaken) really feel so threatened by women? 

Then I heard on BBC Radio 4 this morning more news of bomb threats against female journalists. And I started thinking   ‘What the ?’ …..;

I can (and will) read blogs and article and stuff by feisty forthright women. Because I NEED that! It helps me keep in touch with my inner girl ( and let’s face it, those who abuse the women need to do that too.) Otherwise, I’ll turn into a ‘Neanderthal man’ and no one wants that.

Not that I’m saying anything nasty about the abusers either.That would make me no better than them.

The story is on the BBC website,

These women had threats of a bomb at a specific time, and they were scared! Hell,I’d be scared

Why is it that women with a profile get targeted by these weirdos?

Twitter need to sort this out, and quickly, as this isn’t acceptable behavior by any stretch of the imagination. I don’t want to see my friends abused by if I am generous what’s best described as “playground bullies” when they should be encouraged and rewarded for their forthrightness. We need more women in top positions for the sake of diversity . I’d like to see that, for sure, as it sends a message to the girls in my classroom that they should have other choices to make than “get a boy, settle down, have kids” which seems to be the rather depressing mantra I see in the institution I work in.

And lets face it, as my wife jokingly reminds me, women are better at stuff too! Or “differently able” as I jokingly reply.

So Twitter, I wag my finger in your general direction. You need to sort out the Twitter names,(which can be a jumble of randomness) and remind users that of what is and isn’t ‘sound behaviour’. And to targets of abuse , please don’t become victims, but take action.






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