Lloyd’s bank

This bank should be kept in the public domain and not privatized.
1) as a warning to all those other banks that when you make mistakes, there are consequences. Its dragged the UK into a depression for 5 years. Or at least played a part. Now it can play a part in getting us out, if we hang on to the investment.

2 ) Buying this bank cost the taxpayer loads of money, an investment that the taxpayer didn’t have a choice in. So now they should get a choice as to when its sold, and I think it should be via a general election manifesto promise rather than dodgy deals by the Chancellor to  his even dodgier mates.

3) The average price paid for Lloyds shares was 73.6p, the government now propose 6Ip. Do the maths. 

4) Profits of billions belong in the public coffers to pay for the taxes that others refuse to pay. Who else is going to pay for the schools, hospitals etc….? Certainly not Google, Facebook, Amazon ……..

5) Socialism isn’t dead. The crash showed the limits of capitalism.(waves his red flag and doesn’t care if others think that ‘left= wrong’)


If the Tories flog it off cheap, the voter will remember, just as they did when Labour bought it .


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