The Lighthouse

Here is the first chapter from my book, The Lighthouse

Inspector Partridge mysteries. The Lighthouse murders

I was working in Essex when the call came from the chief.
‘We have a murder in Chatham for you Partridge. You’re a local man so it’s down to you.
I can tell you who the victim is, but be aware that the parents want no publicity, but in a murder case that’s impossible. You’ll have to get them to play ball, and to help them coast through the nightmare journey to come. The local press won’t play ball on the publicity front anyway, so you’ll just have to hold a press conference and tell them the detail. The families name is Green, and the father of the victim is the local Mayor.’
‘The Mayor’s family?’ but I was speaking to no-one. I thought. Now I was guessing, as the chief had rung off.

I phoned the parents on the hands free set and told them that this deal was going to be done the hard way, and publicity could be a good thing for the case, but to remain in the background and avoid giving interviews to the press unless we’d briefed them beforehand.
Who knows I thought, in murder cases, the family is often implicated.
The truth of the matter was that Tanya Green had been a candidate for the local beauty queen. I drove down to the county of Kent, back thirty years, back home. If any place could be called ‘home’ anymore.
I was born in Newcastle, and our family had tagged along with our fathers jobs, moving from Durham and then to Lincoln, Sittingbourne and finally the Medway towns. Then I’d moved to Ashford and finally left the country. Coming back had been a jolt, and finding my old stomping grounds would be another.

‘You’re too bloody good’ my lover said ‘but nobody’s irreplaceable’

I left the flat, lonely and tired. I was dog tired, and illness had taken its toll. I knew that this could be one of the last cases I took. The bags under my eyes were stinging, and the feelings inside of me were of freewheeling towards the end.

‘Nobody’s irreplaceable’ how ironic. Try telling that to Tanya Green’s parents.

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