Coldest Winter for 1000 years

Last winter, 2009-2010 was the coldest for 30 years, but the coming winter will make that look like a walk in the park
Well several reasons.The first that my prediction of a de Vries event (on this very blog!) looks like it will come true and the second is that the gulf stream was damaged buy the GOM disaster and is slowing down.
The third is that a Bond event is also due, and that will happen over the next five to twenty years.
the cycles all join up.(
The next problem is the vast volcanic activity seen in 2010 which adds up to lots of aerosols in the atmosphere, and we’ve not seen the end of the volcanic activity, with many big volcanoes seemingly ramping up. If we get a big eruption then a volcanic winter could well be a possibility.
The other big factor is the Sun which is very quiet and unusually so.This is a big problem as its the Sun which modulates our climate to the largests extent and not Carbon dioxide.
the transition will be quick now, and we’ll move towards perhaps decades of hot, dry short winters and cold, windy bitter long winters. Food shortages, famine, flooding,etc.
Climate changes quickly, as discussed here

time to order a non grid warming solution.