The lost elephant

The lost Elephant. A story for children.  By Richard Jenkins


Once upon a time there was an elephant. His name was…

In fact he didn’t know his name!This was because he was The Lost Elephant

Where he lived, in the jungle, he was contented,but he had a lot of questions.The other elephants he saw didn’t speak his language, or they didn’t know it.

So he began to feel sad.

Poor elephant.

One day, he went to find the answers.

On the way, there were many scary trees, frightening and strange.

Sometimes he was afraid, but he was a brave elephant, and very curious too.

Even when he thought that he could see monsters or nasties, he continued, looking for himself.

He wasn’t too scared because he was big and strong, and he could make a lot of noise with his trunk.This gave him comfort. All the birds in the trees flew away whenever he trumpeted, and this made him laugh.

One day a bird asked him “why do you make such a noise?”

“We are kind and we can show you the way to get out of the forest.”

The elephant thought about this.

He had made the noise because he was scared. If he followed te birds,he could get out of the forest. Perhaps he could find his name, or even his family.

So he explained to the birds and said he was sorry.The birds showed him the way to the savannah.He had found some new friends.

Once he was outside of the forest, the elephant felt much better. He thanked the birds by singing, and the birds called him ‘Softly’ because his song was so softly sung.

The elephant had a name! Softly! and he had some friends too.

Softly was a bit lost , but happily he was in the savannah. He hid in the long grass and waited.Suddenly, he saw another elephant, a very beautiful elephant.Together, they continued along the path.

Finally, he had a name, and a family and some friends!he had found out some of the answers and found some of himself too. Together with the birds, they went to find their destinies.



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