Haitian thoughts

I recently visited this country to adopt a little boy with my wife and we noted that misery had a name and the name was Haiti. Before the earthquake which struck on the 13th, the country and its people already had their backs to the wall. Water and electricity and food were luxury products. I saw shanty towns and roads like ravines, buildings damaged from four hurricanes.After the quake, the unimaginable becomes true. A million people live in Port au prince and it’s estimated that 100 thousand are dead from the earthquake alone.Now there is no clean water and typhus, cholera and other water borne diseases such as gastroenteritis and diarrhea will strike and an already weak population. More will die in the aftermath of this disaster than directly.

1 million people are now homeless in the island. They had little before, now  they have literally nothing. 70 % plus unemployment, 76% survive on less than 2 dollars per day US.That was before. even the presidential palace in all its splendor is a pile of rubble.Almost all multi story building are down. We have friends who got the last plane out before the quake. Lucky them.


The hospital has collapsed, there is no water or electricity, no lifting equipment , no fire brigade or ambulance, no doctors or medicine,no surgeons or nurses, no food, no toilet facilities,people lay with terrible injuries and die.In the streets.in the open air.They die like dogs.

I managed to contact the crèche. All the children are thank god, well. but the building has disappeared into rubble.The quake struck just after their afternoon nap and thank God for that, .Some crèches are just disaster zones, full of dead or dying children.

What can you do? Give your money/time/equipment/spare clothes/bricks and mortar to a reputable cause, such as the red cross or medicines sans frontiers.

The immediate need is survival. After they need to rebuild, better and with pride.Teach them how. Help them now.

Evry dollar saves a life. Give what you can, and remember. Perhaps the quake will wake up people to the plight of Haiti. Its a shame it took such a cost, such a price for people to see.. A beautiful country a beautiful people. Perhaps they can start from nothing.But what a cost.What a price.


imagine your city, and a disaster that kills 10% of the population. And makes many many more homeless.

1 million live in port au prince and 100 thousand are dead, and probably 100,00 more will die from the disease and after the quake. 500 thousand may be homeless.They need your help.

Already people are looting and this has to stop.The UN has now to send in more troops, to help control a dire situation.We need to get equipment there as quickly as possible.There can be no strings attached and no under the table deals.The time is now for a new Haiti.


here is a link to help those who can give


There are many charities here, give and give and give. Remember, you are rich in compaarison to them. I’ve given what I can and next month I’ll give more.

This disaster won’t stop now.

Our prayer.

We pray for the Haitian people, and for those who have been touched by this disaster, for those who have lost loved ones, or have no news, we pray to our God and ask for his hand. We pray that people will be generous and touched.We pray that change starts with people now.



Do the same with your God(s) please


Prayers aren’t enough. Imagine the worst and multiply it by ten.


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